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Dear Valued Customers,

These are trying and unprecedented times we are living in.  We are all worried about catching or spreading this virus to loved ones, if we will have a job and what the economy will be like when this is over and how we are going to survive a quarantine for an indefinite period of time.  I know that luxury pet products are not a top priority for you right now.  I get it!  

As a new business just launched in 2019 it is especially difficult.  We do not have many customers yet, but know that we value you and your pets, probably even more so, for this reason. We hope you all remain safe and healthy through this ordeal.  Our business model is bascially a dropship business, meaning that we rely on our vendors to ship orders directly to our customers.  Our vendors are all US businesses who manufacture their products in the USA. This keeps our costs low and will ensure that we will be able to stay in business through these difficult times.  We will be around for a long time and we hope your will continue to offer your support.  

We are closely monitoring our vendors to ensure they are taking all of the necessary precautions to get through this temporary crisis. We will continue to update our website with changes based on vendor closures and other changes.  To continue to meet the needs of you and your dogs, we are looking to add new product categories to our webstore..  Some of the categories under consideration are:

  • Homemade, organic, healthy pet treats
  • Pet cleaning, disinfecting products
  • CBD pet products

We need your help.  Please give us feedback and let us know what kinds of products you would like to see from  Please comment below or send us a message on the website.  We appreciate you!  


Susan Katz, Owner

Lap Dog Luxury


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