Dogs and Fireworks

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Happy 2020!


I hope you and your pets have a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.  How did your New Year’s Eve go with your pets? I have two dogs, a 9 year old black lab/border collie mix and a one year old pug.  Cooper, the lab mix, is an 68-pound baby and struggles this time of year with the noises and fireworks.  Our pug, Ollie, is not afraid of the fireworks and we do not want Cooper to teach him bad habits.  We always stay home on New Year’s Eve to be with our babies.  I cuddle with them under the blanket but they don’t completely settle down until the fireworks are done.  We haven’t tried any of the solutions other people talk about such as CBD oil, Benadryl or a pressure wrap.  For our dogs, I worry about giving them medication unless they really need it and nothing is a substitute for snuggles. 


6 Ways to Keep Dogs Calm During Fireworks Without Medication


  • Make your dog feel safe and secure when they are stressed.  Wrap them in their favorite soft blanket. Or better yet, let them use your blanket or something else that smells like you. 


  • Some dogs feel safest being in their crate.  If you are out, it is an especially good way to keep them safe so they don’t try to run away from the noise or do damage to your house.  We had a lab once who loved my closet and would hide in there by closing the door on himself. 


  • Create a soothing environment for them with music or TV and let them stay in a small space if that is what they like.


  • Distract your pet by playing with them.  Squeaky toys and some running around will distract them from the noise and wear them out so they sleep more soundly. 


  • Another way to distract your dog is to do some training.  My dogs settle down after a training session.  Work on your basic commands and give them small treats when they do a good job.


  • Lastly, don’t make a big deal over the noise.  When they see that you are not stressed out, they will be less stressed out as well. 

What do you all use to help sooth your dogs during fireworks?  Let me know what you would like Lap Dog Luxury to sell in a few months when Fourth of July fireworks start.

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