Tips For Traveling With Your Dog

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Now that I have a dog under 20 lbs, I may want to bring him with us on our next trip. I have never traveled with a pet so I am very nervous to bring him with us.  I, of course, googled it to find out what I need to know to make the trip go smoothly.  Here's what I learned. The most important resource will be your airline website.  Airlines each have different restrictions for traveling with pets so its important to check with them before booking your flight.  Make sure you purchase a carrier that is airline approved with the proper ventilation, leak proof bottom and can fit under the seat in front of you, like all of the carriers at Lap Dog Luxury.

Tips For Air Travel With Your Dog

  • Know the Rules.  Planning is the key when traveling with your dog. Make sure you read the airline policy and call them with any questions.  There is a maximum number of pets that the airlines will allow on each flight, so make sure you reserve a spot well in advance.   
  • Visit your vet. Make sure your pet is healthy to travel and get the vet to issue you a health certificate.  Although I didn’t see it this on some of the airline policies, I read that you may need one so get it, just in case. 
  • Pack the Right Gear. Make sure you come prepared with everything you could possibly need for your dog.  You won’t have a lot of room to carry on a lot of gear, though, because the dog carrier will count as your one carryon.  You will have to fit everything into the carrier or your personal item.  Collapsible water/feeding dish, plenty of extra bags, a leash, a blanket and your pet’s favorite toy and don’t forget the treats. 

Marlee Pet Tote

We've done the work and selected the top of the line selection of Petote dog carriers.  The rolling carriers convert into a backpack and car seat. If you are looking for style as well as safety and comfort, checkout the Marlee, Charlie or Porsha stylish, yet practical, totes. With so many styles to choose from, here are some tips to consider.

Tips for Choosing the Right Dog Carrier

  • Don’t skimp on quality.  Not only will a good quality carrier last much longer, it will be safer than a cheaply made tote.
  • Make sure it fits.  In addition to the weight limit, make sure that you measure your dog sitting and laying down to ensure that they will be comfortable during your journey.
  • Think about the extras. Look for totes with extra pockets and openings to make your life easier. 

We also carry some cute little blankets that fit perfectly in a tote or carrier for your dog’s extra comfort.   


Since I am not an expert traveler, I would love to hear from you.  What are your tips and tricks for stress free travel with your dog?  Comment below.

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